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First every livestream stock analysis video! I’m digging into the financials, news and potential for the most popular stocks to reveal analyst price targets and my own price predictions.

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Any Apple stock analysis has to be based on iPhone sales and revenue around the product. The company has done really well over the last year on its Macbook and iPad with the work from home trend but the big money is still in phone sales. On that the company is guiding to 230 million phones this year though it has recently cancelled some supplier orders on weakness in the iPhone 12 mini. Apple is expected to refresh the iMac and iPad soon as well as launch the iPhone 13 later this year. Shares of Apple stock are trading for 27-times this year’s earnings which are expensive versus its history.
Apple stock prediction based on analyst estimates could see the shares all the way up to $152 per share but my own Apple stock target is closer to $120 per share, right where it’s trading now.

GameStop stock analysis is largely based on whether you think social media traders will continue to favor the stock. GameStop reported its 12th consecutive quarter of slowing sales and management wouldn’t take questions during the earnings call…not a good sign. Investors are hoping a new activist investor can turn GameStop shares around but it will be a tough road to bring digital sales up to support the stock price. I would expect GameStop to issue shares to pay for future growth acquisitions.
The GameStop stock prediction from analysts is not good…with an average target of $40 per share and no buy ratings. Analysts don’t factor in buying from Reddit or other social media investors though. I think you can trade GameStop but you need a clear strategy for when to buy and when to take profits. It will probably trade in a range from $50 to $200 for most of the year so get in around fifty- or $100 each and take profits quickly.

My Amazon stock analysis is based on its many growth drivers in ecommers, cloud, AI and drones. Amazon has one of the best models for the biggest growth trends of the decade and that should drive the stock price higher. Amazon stock is trading at 52-times earnings which actually isn’t as expensive as it has been in the past.
Analysts’ Amazon stock prediction average around $4,000 a share but are as high as $5,000 each on multiple sales growth levers over the next few years. My own Amazon stock price target is closer to $3,700 per share which is still a solid 23% return from the current price.

Tesla stock analysis is also based on several near-term levers for growth including electric vehicles, self-driving and ride-hailing. Tesla is already the leader in EV and could be in ride-hailing and AV within the next few years. Shares of Tesla trade for 20-times sales and 149-times on a price to earnings basis.
Ark has a Tesla stock prediction as high as $3,000 based on its ride-hailing service though the average analyst price target for Tesla stock is $621 per share, right around where it’s at now.

NIO stock analysis is similar to the Tesla analysis though NIO doesn’t have as many growth levers to pull. NIO stock prediction based on analyst targets puts the shares at $57 each over the next year. Basically if you believe in the NIO stock story then you would have to believe in Tesla as well and its growth.
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