'Dinner, dancing, and drugs': Johnny Depp on wedding to Amber Heard


Johnny Depp recalls wedding to Amber Heard: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s debauched wedding had ‘dinner, dancing and drugs’ scheduled on the itinerary, the actor revealed during day two of his testimony in the high-profile¬†defamation case against his now ex-wife. Depp testified on the stand Wednesday that there were a number of people partaking in drugs, specifically MDMA, at the former couple’s lavish LA wedding in February 2015. Prior to the wedding, Depp said a schedule was ‘written out, printed out, and sent out,’ so that guests knew the itinerary for the event. On tap was post-wedding ‘dinner, dancing and drugs.’ When asked on Wednesday who was partaking in drugs at the wedding, Depp named ‘Amber,’ a ‘couple of friends of mine,’ a few other people, then added: ‘All of her gang were all partaking in the MDMA.’

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