'Strange question!' Johnny Depp surprised by Paul Bettany cross examination


Johnny Depp was back on the stand Thursday in his $100million defamation trial against Amber Heard. Under cross examination from Heard’s lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn, he brought up Depp’s friendship with the British actor Paul Bettany. Rottenborn said: ‘Paul Bettany is a good friend you’ve done drugs with?’ Depp replied: ‘That’s a strange question.’ Depp then admitted he had drank alcohol and done cocaine with him and taken pills together. Depp and Bettany have been friends for years and starred together in 2014 sci-fi movie Transcendence and again in the action-comedy Mortdecai in 2015.

WARNING: May contain swearing, description of drug taking and domestic violence.

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Robert Dunfee