THIS is What REAL Financial Coaching Looks Like


Matthew Pillmore, president of VIP Financial Education and business & personal finance coach, is joined by Adam, a VIP Financial Education coaching member, to discuss the benefits of one-on-one coaching. Adam’s testimonial will give you an idea of what to expect from coaching and his review will show you that it’s time to stop listening to most of the Financial “Gurus” on this platform because THIS is what REAL financial coaching looks like.

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3:00 – Introduction to our financial coaching. What does VIP Financial Education sell?
4:19 – What to expect from calls with VIP’s finance coach.
6:35 – VIP Financial Education’s Coaching Membership Value Propositions
6:44 – Value Proposition #1 – We help coaching members maintain excellent credit scores and credit profiles.
6:56 – Adam’s review on credit maximization in VIP’s coaching.
8:30 – Value Proposition #2 – We help coaching members identify and acquire proper Debt Weapons™ for their goals.
8:39 – Adam’s review on Debt Weapon™ acquisitions made with the help of VIP’s coaching.
9:57 – Value Proposition #3 – We help coaching members improve their cash flow.
10:26 – Adam’s review on cash flow improvements made with the help of VIP’s coaching.
12:08 – Value Proposition #4 – We help with the advancement of business and investment goals.
12:29 – Adam’s review on VIP’s impact on his net equity position. Adam’s net equity position went from $18,484 to $140,789 during the 2.5 years of coaching with VIP.
14:10 – Adam’s reason for going with VIP as his personal finance coach in the first place.
17:21 – The 3 Keys To Success as a Coaching Member with the VIP Financial coaching membership.
18:18 – How difficult has it been to follow VIP’s coaching?
19:33 – The cost of 12 months of financial coaching with wealth coach Matthew Pillmore. (Plus Adam’s ROI or Return on Investment)
21:33 – VIP’s Can’t Lose Coaching™ Guarantee

Find out what separates us from the course-selling fake gurus and the real deal personal finance teachers like Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki.

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