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Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment – Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes


Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment – Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes
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If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes or shadows or puffiness under the eyes then be assured this is something that does happen to all of us at some stage and is quite common as you get older. Aging does many things to the body and these eye problems are one of them. There are some great products available that can help to reduce these signs of aging and they are much cheaper than going for the surgery option.

One of the natural moves that you can make to reduce circles, shadows and puffiness under the eyes is to add Vitamins A, C and E to your diet and reduce your consumption of sodium. You also need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep every night.

There are some great home remedies that many people swear by too for removing darkness and puffiness. Applying tea bags or fresh cut cucumbers to the eyes can work wonders. Another method used back in Grandma’s days was Preparation H but please stay away from this one as it can cause eye damage.

Horse chestnut is an ingredient that you should keep an eye out when looking for eye products as this ingredient promotes micro-circulation. Aloe is another great substance that soothes and hydrates the eyes and skin. Ivy will help to decongest and to eliminate excess water so will help to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Caffeine can help to reduce swelling. White or green teas are both great substances for soothing inflammation and redness. Cucumber also reduces inflammation and liqorice can soothe irritation and reduce puffiness.

Then we move on to the longer term fixes such as injectable wrinkle fillers. Two such fillers that are used by the experts are Juvederm and Restylane. The eyes can develop an indentation as a result of puffiness and the filler is injected around the puffy area to remove that indentation. Botox is another product that is commonly used to smooth out all those fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. All of these fillers give the effect of the skin appearing smoother and younger. Filler methods last for around nine months at which time you will need to have the procedure repeated. These procedures can cost several thousand dollars each time.

Many of us suffer from dark eyes in the morning, sometimes referred to as ‘raccoon eyes’. Dark eyes will make a person look tired, older and they may even look a little like they are taking drugs. Unfortunately some people have dark eyes more than others even when they are getting adequate sleep so they may look for alternative methods to remove those dark circles.

Products that include Vitamin K are great to stimulate blood flow which will help to repair any broken capillary walls around the eyes. Also try products that include Vitamin A, C and E as these increase the antioxidant protectors and get rid of free radicals. Hesperidins strengthen the capillaries which will reduce blood pooling and it also helps to improve micro-circulation in the eye area. Peptide technology will help to promote collagen synthesis that will help to make the skin firmer around the eye. Konica acid in products can help to lighten the area of skin around the eyes that has become discolored.

Concealers are great for camouflaging the darkness around the eye, particularly peach or salmon colored. Use a nylon concealer brush to add a layer of concealer in the creases below the eyes and this can reduce puffiness. It is best to buy a good quality concealer to get the best results.

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