Brett Veach talks


Brett Veach, the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, recently spoke publicly about the team’s upcoming season. Veach expressed great confidence in the team and their chances at success. He noted that the team had worked hard in the offseason to improve and they were looking forward to the upcoming season.

Veach also discussed the team’s new quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. He praised the young man’s attitude and work ethic, noting that he was the perfect fit for the team. Veach believes that Mahomes will be the leader the team needs to have a successful season.

The Chiefs are coming off of a disappointing season, but Veach believes that the team has the pieces in place to have a successful 2017-2018 season. He noted that the team’s depth and talent gives them a great chance to make it to the playoffs. He is confident that the Chiefs will be competitive this season and will surprise many people.

Key Points:

• Brett Veach expressed confidence in the Kansas City Chiefs’ upcoming season.

• He praised Patrick Mahomes’ attitude and work ethic.

• Veach believes the team has the pieces in place to have a successful season.

• He is confident the Chiefs will be competitive and surprise many people.

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Brett Veach talks

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