Covid-19 UK: Omicron cases rise as reinfections counted


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Daily Covid cases rose by a fifth in a week today in what is believed to be partly due to the Government counting reinfections — but deaths fell significantly.

There were 112,458 cases logged in the past 24 hours, according to Government dashboard data, marking a 19.2 per cent rise on the 94,326 last week. It is the biggest week-on-week rise since January 4 but it is unclear exactly how many are reinfections, given that last week’s tally didn’t include any.

The rise comes after weeks of plateauing infection rates and a day after the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) began adding reinfections to the daily tally.

An extra 580,000 backdated cases were added to Britain’s cumulative total when the adjustment was made on Monday. The antibody-resistant Omicron variant has pushed reinfection rates up since its emergence late last year.
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