MoDOT prepared for snowfall


As winter approaches, Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is preparing for the inevitable snowfall. With one of the most expansive highway systems in the United States, MoDOT is dedicated to keeping Missouri’s roads safe during the season.

MoDOT’s snow removal efforts start long before snow ever hits the ground. A major part of the process is making sure their equipment is in peak condition, with parts and supplies stocked up and ready to go. Additionally, MoDOT has set up a system of snowplows and salt spreaders that can be dispatched across the state as soon as the snow begins to fall.

To ensure safety on the roads, MoDOT also encourages drivers to be prepared for winter weather. Drivers should plan ahead and give themselves extra time for their trips, as well as check for the latest road conditions before embarking on their journey. MoDOT also suggests drivers keep a winter emergency kit in their vehicles and travel with a full tank of gas in case of an unexpected delay.

MoDOT is committed to keeping Missouri’s roads clear, safe, and passable during the winter months. By taking the necessary precautions and being prepared on the road, drivers can be sure they’ll stay safe this winter.

MoDOT Snow Removal Tips:

• Make sure MoDOT’s equipment is in peak condition
• Dispatch snowplows and salt spreaders as needed
• Give yourself extra time for trips
• Check road conditions before leaving
• Carry a winter emergency kit in the vehicle
• Travel with a full tank of gas

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MoDOT Assistant Engineer Troy Slagle says they are ready for the snow and are asking drivers to be aware of their trucks and give them sufficient room to keep yourself and their crews safe.

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